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The final round of the regular season for the MN Blizzard.  The Blizzard were up against the Lubbock Tornadoes, who we beat in week 3.  The Blizzard have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but it would be nice to end the season on a high note with a win.  NM Frank Johnson joined the team for the final round!  Great to see Frank playing again.


Board 1:  IM John Bartholomew is back and faces a very strong IM (2600+ USCF!).    Game Link.


Board 2:  NM Frank Johnson debuts for the Blizzard against Steven Breckenridge.   Game Link.

Board 3: FM Kevin Wasiluk takes down an International Master!  Game Link.

Board 4:  NM Dane Mattson wins with the Black pieces against a WIM.  Game Link.

MN wins the match 2.5-1.5!  The team only missed the playoffs on tiebreaks.

Western Division

Team W L Game Points Opps Avg Rating
# - Dallas 6.5 3.5 24.0/40 (60%) 2408
@ - St. Louis 6.5 3.5 23.0/40 (58%) 2403
@ - Las Vegas 6.0 4.0 21.5/40 (54%) 2398
@ - San Francisco 6.0 4.0 19.5/40 (49%) 2402
@ - Seattle 5.5 4.5 22.0/40 (55%) 2405
@ - Arizona 4.5 5.5 19.5/40 (49%) 2404
X - Minnesota 4.5 5.5 17.0/40 (43%) 2397
X - Lubbock 4.0 6.0 19.5/40 (49%) 2382
X - Rio Grande 4.0 6.0 18.0/40 (45%) 2389
X - San Diego 2.5 7.5 16.0/40 (40%) 2395

Player highlights:

  • GM Wesley So won game of the week in week 7 and had a performance rating of 2708.  His scored 2.5/4 this year.
  • GM Flores also scored 2.5/4 and played against three GM's.
  • IM John Bartholomew scored 4/6 with a performance rating of 2639!
  • IM Sean Nagle scored 2/5 with draws against many top players.
  • IM Andrew Tang scored 2.5/6, scoring a couple of wins early in the season with the Black pieces.
  • FM Kevin Wasiluk finished the season on a high note to end 1/2 for the team.
  • NM Dane Mattson had a few long trips down to Minneapolis, but he didn't let that phase him!  Dane scored 1.5/3 with a performance rating of 2324.
  • NM Matt Jensen played one round to the team losing against an FM.
  • NM Andrew Titus played two matches against an FM and NM.
  • Eric Bell was solid on board 4 with a performance rating of 2061, scoring 1.5/4.
  • Saumik Narayanan played two games on board 4 against stiff opposition.

Thanks to the mangers, tournament directors, players and supporters for a fun first season.  We will be back next year!




The first Minnesota Blizzard Open was held on 10/24 and 10/25 at Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville with 55 players competing. Andrew Tang and Oke Iwu tied for first with 4.5 out of 5.Thanks to Glenn Panner and Dan Voje for directing a very successful event. Thanks to everyone for your support to the Minnesota Blizzard team in their first season in the US Chess League! The team is very grateful to Glenn Panner of Chess Weekend for his generous donation of $500 to the team. Please visit his website and like his Facebook page! We will be back next year!

Thank you Glenn and Chess Weekend for sponsoring the team!

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vs team icon

All Time Series Record: (This is their first meeting)

Starts at 7:30 CST on 9/1

Time Control: Game in 75 with 30 second increment

MN Team playing at the Chess Castle

Minnesota Blizzard Seattle Sluggers
IM John Bartholomew: 2555 IM Georgi Orlov: 2528
IM Sean Nagle: 2542 IM Michael Lee: 2503
FM Kevin Wasiluk: 2317 NM David Golub: 2321
NM Andrew Titus: 2189 FM William Schill: 2236
Average Rating: 2401 Average Rating: 2397
Minnesota Total Seattle Total


The MN Blizzard have their first match in the US Chess League!

Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Time: 8:00 PM

Location: Chess Castle.  1121 Jackson Street NE, Suite #134, Minneapolis, MN 55413


team icon vs  team icon

All Time Series Record: (This is their first meeting)

Starts at 9:00 PM EST

Time Control: Game in 75 with 30 second increment

San Diego Surfers Minnesota Blizzard
IM Keaton Kiewra: 2518 GM Mauricio Flores: 2565
NM Stevan Djordjevic: 2366 IM Sean Nagle: 2542
IM John Watson: 2340 IM Andrew Tang: 2475
FM Ali Morshedi: 2328 Saumik Narayanan: 1949
Average Rating: 2388 Average Rating: 2383
San Diego Total Minnesota Total

Ways to view the games:

  1. Step into the Chess Castle
  2. If you have an ICC ( account, log in there to observe
  3. Watch the games on our YouTube Channel!

For more info:



USCL Team Page

2015 Roster (February Rating List)

1. GM Wesley So 2814
2. GM Mauricio Flores 2557
3. IM John Bartholomew 2553
4. IM Sean Nagle 2531
5. IM Andrew Tang 2425
6. FM Kevin Wasiluk 2328
7. NM Dane Mattson 2246
8. NM Andrew Titus 2191
9. Saumik Narayanan 1952

Players to be added: Matt Jensen, Oke Iwu, Dane Zagar, Samrug Narayanan

2015 Schedule


Week Date Color Opponent Result
1 8/25 B San Diego Surfers
2 9/1 W Seattle Sluggers
3 9/8 B Lubbock Tornadoes
4 9/15 W Rio Grande Ospreys
5 9/22 W Las Vegas Desert Rats
6 9/29 B St. Louis Arch Bishops
7 10/6 B San Francisco Mechanics
8 10/14 B Arizona Scorpions
9 10/20 W Dallas Destiny
10 10/28 W Lubbock Tornadoes


The Minnesota Blizzard had their kick-off meeting tonight and are ready for the 2015 season.  The Blizzard have two Grandmasters, three International Masters, a FIDE Master, and multiple National Masters.  The United States Chess League will have 20(!) teams this year with the addition of the Minnesota Blizzard, Lubbock Tornadoes, and San Diego Surfers.  One team has dropped out since last year.  The league will be divided into East and West divisions, 10 teams each.  Included in the West division alongside the Blizzard are teams from St. Louis, Dallas, Rio Grande, San Francisco, Lubbock, San Diego, Seattle, Arizona, and Boston (they don't mind late night games).

Team Managers
Team Managers by Arun Narayanan
MN Blizzard Team by Arun Narayanan
MN Blizzard Team by Arun Narayanan

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